Rude Fruit

Living life scrumptiously

At Rude Fruit, we do raw. We think life is for living. We do natural. We laugh loudly and without apology. We like people and people who like people. We love health – physical, mental and emotional. We do community. We do wellness and we know that it gets messy sometimes. We do real. We believe in saltwater – be it tears, sweat or the sea. We give back. We respect our planet and try our best to be nice to it. We like hugs. We believe there’s nothing sexier than loving the skin we’re in. We believe in making occasions, not waiting for them. We do self-love and high-fives. We give it our all, all of the time. We don’t do perfect. We do real. We do it well. Join us.

About Andrea

Our founder, Andrea Pagliaro, started Rude Fruit in 2020 out of urgency. She had the burning desire to do something meaningful for herself and others, a drive to create something out of nothing and most importantly, she wanted to share a passion for the fresh, simple and beautiful things in life that bring just a bit more happiness to the world around her. Andrea believes in sweating it out while working it out but never sweating the small stuff. She also believes that health and wellness doesn’t need to be fiddly or finicky – you need a zest for life and some fresh ingredients to give your day the boost it needs! Andrea wanted to provide a space for patrons to become friends, and for friends to become family. Dresses, juices and good vibes seemed just the right recipe for success…all that’s missing is you! Come say hi!