Keep our Beach Fresh

There’s nothing that I like more than a beautiful day out at the Worthing beach. I bet you’re the exact same way. I bet you can picture it vividly: you’ve got your towel, your big floppy hat, and a good book to keep you company. Maybe you pop on over to our juice bar, Son of a Peach to grab a juice to sip on as you soak up some sun on our beautiful stretch of south coast beach. However, getting smacked in the face by a tumbleweeding plastic bag is always a sure bet to make that perfect day is completely snuffed out.

At Rude Fruit we value healthy living and positivity – two admittedly big and nebulous concepts that kind of change and shift all the time. Starting this week, we want to focus on the healthy living and positivity that’s central to our beach and our community continually. We think it is about time that we, as a community, start dealing with the litter situation on our beach. As the title of this blog implies – we’re all about freshness at Rude Fruit – and that extends to the place where we pop open our umbrella. 

While our part in the community is providing luscious juices to beachgoers, Rude Fruit was ultimately created because we wanted to give back to this community, so we’re always on the lookout to make sure our little slice of heaven on the Sussex coastline is as good as it can be. As such, £0.50 from a part of each sale of our juice of the month sold at Son of a Peach will go to a fund dedicated to purchasing and installing recycling bins to line the Marine Parade Promenade in Worthing. This will be donated at the end of each month and we can generate quite a lot, but it’s not going to be enough. 

This is a great start, but we think that it is up to you to take up the mantle. While we will absolutely value you buying one or two (or ten) juices so that a couple cents can go to the cause, this is going to be a group effort through and through. We all have a stake in the health of our beach and our town – from the humblest little juice shop on the promenade to the town council itself (who we are working closely with on this project). 

So as you go for that morning jog or that late afternoon swim, maybe just give yourself a mental nudge and count how many pieces of rubbish you find along the coast, whether it’s in the water, along the promenade, or sticking out of the sand. We’ve got the responsibility and the power to help clean up our coastline and it starts with you!

If you’re interested in helping out with this initiative, check out our crowdfunding page at Spacehive ( where you can donate to the recycling bin fund, or drop by Son of a Peach to chat with us to get some more information. While you’re there, indulge in one of our delicious freshly-made juices and feel the pleasant glow of doing good, as each juice helps out a little bit!