My favourite person

In the past few weeks of alternatively fearing and despairing about the state of the world during a pandemic, I’ve tried my best to focus on positive things. I think that especially when you’re kind of forced into being by yourself and focusing inwardly due to isolation, positivity can provide a much-needed tonic for all of us human beings struggling to find the goodness in a world that so often seems to be negative. 

One of these realisations I had in my reflection is that we are all guilty of taking some people in our lives for granted, which is especially stark now that we can’t even see them. Some people stand out in your life as people you depend on without even consciously realising it – whether you depend on them for emotional support, friendly conversation, or simply just being around for you. I think that now is the perfect time to recognise those people in our lives and really take the time to thank them for being there for us not just through the good times, but being supportive through the bad times as well… like my best friend _______. 

I have known this gem of a human being for over 20 years now. We first met in university where she put my nose decidedly out of joint when she was moved into my room. She pissed me off royally by changing everything about the room I had painstakingly put together, defending her actions only by pointing out that it was now her room too. This beauty is strict, firm, bossy and assertive…but she is also funny and caring. She makes decisions on my behalf when I struggle to and values my happiness as much as her own. Since graduating, we have lived together in many different places. We travelled separately but often ended up in the same place for some nights and days of revelry and stupidity. Lots of partying, clubbing, drinking, dancing…and yes, waking in strange apartments. I can’t look at her without remembering giggles in the bathroom over the night’s antics. This girl reminds me of snow flying through the air and ice-cold wind slapping our faces from our numerous ski weekends, as we both grew up with poles in hand. Her smile reminds me of BBQ smoke and lazy summers. We’ve argued often but we have never fallen out – ever. We read each other’s minds and feelings and we can go months without speaking because we don’t have to. Every time we get back together, it’s as though time itself has pressed ‘play’ after months of ‘pause’ because we pick up where we left off without fail. I love her for never needing explanations, for never sulking when I dodge phone calls – because I do – and for never getting angry at me. When I do answer her calls, she laughs and asks if it’s Christmas yet. She is my world of comfort and I am forever grateful for the university admin throwing this woman at me, upending my room and changing my life. 

Do you have someone like that? Yes! That one – the one that just popped into your head. Express how that person helps bring joy to your life. Maybe you name drop them in the comments, maybe you explain your gratitude, maybe you don’t even need to engage here on this blog – go tell that person yourself how you feel. It’s important in times of extreme anxiety to focus on positivity – so go bring some to another person’s life by telling them how much you appreciate them.